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New Colors and Bracelets!

New Colors and Bracelets!

We now Have 5 new colors!



-Black Widow


-Charcoal Grey

You can see these colors in any of the Product Gallery’s!

Also have 2 new Bracelets!

-The Paracord Bracelet with Custom Dog-tag

-The Rainbow Bracelet


Go check out these new Products and Colors!


Keep it Real!           -Walker

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New Paracord options and Colors!

New Paracord Options are available!

Go check out the new:

– Paracord Bracelet with Accessories! – This bracelet provides the option of a compass, as well as different clasp types!

– Paracord Keychain! – This product is a fashionable item that you can attach to your Keys, Backpack, ect.


Now with new color choices:

Burgundy, Dragonfly, Ion Storm, Lavender, Light Blue, Purple Camo, and Red Camo!

– All of these new colors can be seen from the product gallery’s!


Keep it real! -Walker