Infantry Cross Rifles Bracelet


NOTE: Make sure to read FAQ before ordering your bracelet to get your perfect fit.

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Infantry Cross rifles bracelet. A very popular bracelet to honor those who serve.  These Paracord bracelets aren’t just a fashionable accessory, Made of 8-12 feet of 550 paracord, these bracelets can come in handy In dangerous situations. A paracord bracelet is made of several feet of parachute cord that can be used in an emergency. Unravel the bracelet and use the paracord in various ways. These are popular with outdoor enthusiasts and survivalists. They are also worn by Police, Military, and EMT personnel. 7 strand polyester cord 3/4″ wide with 8′ – 10′ feet paracord (depending on size)


I custom build each bracelet based on your exact measurements. So make sure you follow these steps to ensure you are completely happy with the fit of your item.

1)    Take a tape measure or string and wrap it around your wrist to where the two ends touch without slack, this is your true wrist size without slack.

2)    If you are using a string, mark this exact length and measure it to determine your exact size.

3)    Order this exact size when checking out, and you are good to go!  (If your wrist is a 6.5″ then you need to order a 6.5″)

Notes:  If you are in-between sizes, round to the larger size.

*Make sure you order your WRIST size and not the size you would like your bracelet!*

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Weight .085 kg
Dimensions 6 × 10 cm


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